Fine Art with Function and Purpose

While it is great to have functional items, they are not always artistic. Conversely, it is great to have artistic items but they are not always functional. This is all fine to a certain extent but sometimes you want to have something that is both art and serves a function.

That would be the case when you discover some of the functional fine art that is offered by some of the better artists around. For example, you will find an artist who makes decorative fire cages out of old metal mooring buoys. This is the kind of thing that brings a classic antique feel with a new look and style.

The way that works is the buoys are carved out on the outside so that you end up with a decorative metal shell of spaced art and then, on the inside, is space to build a fire. When the fire is lit up, you get a wonderful lighting of the art along with the heat and light of the fire.

This is a wonderful way to transform both fireplaces and fire into a wonderful work of art for an evening. These things fit well in yards as part of a landscaping design. It truly transforms a yard into an area of art and serenity like no other objects can.

Consider getting one of these. Look to the right art studios of the person who spends her time making these wonderful fire spaces. You will find that it is truly unique work that you can count on being fully functional all year long whenever you care to light up a fire in it and fire up the art light.

functional fine art

Rest assured that you will be getting the finest quality of metal art for your money. All you have to do is see one of these fireplaces and you will fall in love instantly.