Tackle Your Fishing Reel With New Gusto

But not so fast. First you’ve got to head off to the fishing reel repair shop to fix your reel and rod. You’ll also be using this shop to put together a new inventory of goods. This is for your next fishing trip, miles away and for any length of time. Make the length of your reel’s reach well worth the effort this time.

fishing reel repair shop

But not so fast. Think again on why they were not biting the last time. Did it ever occur to you that the reel was either too slack or far too taught. Would you know? Freshwater fish species, over generations, have been able to suss out their territory with even more gusto than you would have tried for.

Remember always that this is their territory, not yours. You are just visiting. And another thing they know well, the events passed from generation to generation, is that you’re out to get them. Gone are the days you’ll find a plump trout or salmon falling for the hook’s tantalizing bait. Hook, line and sinker. Dare it be said. No, fishing’s no easy business these days. It should be regarded as miracle that some species have managed to evolve, from generation to generation, in the way that they have, given what their species’ peers are all up against.

Anyhow, that’s not your concern. You’re going to be baiting ’em pretty soon. Just get your gear together first. You can do that at your fishing reel repair shop. Take in your old gear and let the old fishing pro take a good, hard, long look at what needs to be done. And then take things from there. Listen to his advice and recommendations. And you’ll be sure of hooking them next time.